Dropeasiest purchases products from all over the world and stores them in its warehouses across the UAE. After we receive your order, we pick and pack the product and ship the order to your customer. Our express logistics enable us to deliver all across the UAE within 2-3 days of placement of the order. If it’s a cash on delivery order we collect the cash on your behalf.

We have the ability to provide  world-class operations at a very competitive fulfillment and shipping cost to our customers:-

Shipping cost: 18 AED/order (up to 3Kgs)

 We will deduct the product, fulfillment and shipping costs from the cash collected and remit the balance to you in a weekly payment run.


Customer selling price: 170 AED

Product wholesale price at Zambeel: -100 AED

Fulfillment and shipping cost: -18 AED

Profit to be transmitted: 52 AED

Your profit will be accumulated in your account for your orders within a week and then transmitted to you in a weekly payment run. (Saturday/Sunday)

We will ship the product to your customer. We will receive the cash from your customer and deposit your profit in your bank account

*Profit = Your sale price – Product cost – Shipping cost

If the customer confirms the order our delivery team will make multiple attempts to complete the delivery. If the delivery is unsuccessful after three attempts, we will cancel the order and charge you 5 AED for the delivery, because the cost of making the delivery has already been incurred.

We can help you manage your brand/product sales from the comfort of your home. Our end-to-end logistics services will pick the product from your warehouse in your home country, move it cross-border and place it in our warehouses in UAE. Once you receive an order for the product in UAE, we will fulfill and ship the order to your customer. If its a Cash on Delivery order, our teams will collect cash on your behalf and remit it back to you after deduction of expenses. Please contact our teams for a proposal tailored to your needs.