About Us

DROPEASIEST.COM is a fully owned subsidiary of Tazah Technologies Pvt Ltd a Singaporean company with interests in agri-businesses, cross-border trade, e-commerce and logistics. 

DropEasiest was founded with a vision of “Enabling the next million entrepreneurs to increase their incomes and live better lives

Through a team spread across the globe, DropEasiest is able to source breakout products directly at OEM prices from different parts of the world including China, India, Pakistan and UAE. These best-selling products have high demand in UAE enabling resellers to make decent returns and increase their incomes. 

Based on demand planning and forecast, Dropeasiest holds stock for some of the items while some items are sourced based on demand. This sophisticated planning allows Dropeasiest to ensure high service levels while remaining light on inventory

A strong on-ground team helps with efficient warehousing, fulfillment and logistics, thereby reducing the effective price to the customers and high service levels.The same offerings will be available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia soon.

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